Wednesday, January 28, 2009

No word called impossible

No word called impossible


There is no word called 'impossible' in my dictionary —Napoleon Bonaparte.


This would sound crazy in today's recession time. But the fact is that ups and downs are part of life and hard times are lessons in learning. They rejuvenate and rekindle the inner desire to bounce back; bring forth the inherent capabilities and untapped potentials of a person to the surface. A person's character and strength are put to test when faced with unpleasant situations and in hard times. The word Cheese stands for goals, aspirations and dreams -the purpose of life. Tiring situations weaken ones desire to peruse them and slowly the charm gets lost • our dreams are no longer ours, they got lost in the dust, get stolen, get snatched away from us. One has to keep the faith in self to surge ahead in life.


A famous palindrome is associated with Napoleon Bonaparte "Able was I ere I saw Elba".


In 1814 Napoleon was put to exile in an Island called Elba in Tuscany, Italy. He was allowed to keep the title of Emperor and rule the island with around eleven hundred of his men by the allied forces. But this exile did not dampen his spirits.


"An optimist sees opportunity in every obstacle"


With faith in self he bounced back, was ABLE to think from ELBA - turned the situation in his favor after 9 months and regained his freedom ■ followed by the famous 100 days rule. He is an inspiration for us; to hang on to our Cheese since he did not allow any body to steal his dreams away from him. It is time for us to ask when was the last time we exhibited such firm conviction in our dreams and tried to achieve them. As the saying goes "When the going gets Tough, the Tough get going" Hang on to your Cheese.

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