Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Add Two Cells in Excel Step By Step

One of the best things about a spreadsheet is using formulas to calculate values automatically. When you tell Microsoft Excel to add two cells (perhaps the cells that represent the number of men and women in a class that you are teaching), the program will automatically recalculate the answer if the values of the cells being added change. These steps work with Microsoft Excel 97.




Step1  Start Microsoft Excel, and open the file you want to use.

Step2  Click on the cell in which you want the total to appear.

Step3  Press the + key on the keyboard, this character will appear in the cell and in the Formula Bar.

Step4  Click on the first cell you want to add. That cell's name, such as B6, appears in the Formula Bar after the + sign.

Step5  Press the + key again.

Step6  Click on the second cell you want to add. That cell's name appears in the Formula Bar.

Step7  Press Enter to complete the equation. The total will appear in the initial cell.


Important Tips


  • To view the resulting formula, click on the cell that contains the total. The equation is displayed in the Formula Bar.


  • The cells being added can be anywhere in the spreadsheet. You can also add more than two cells or add the total cell to another cell.


  • The Formula Bar is located between the toolbar and the column heads.


  • To delete your current change, open the Edit menu, and select Undo.


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