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20 Minutes for your make up

20 Minutes for your make up

Are you one of those who are invited at 7 pm when the actual party time is 8 pm because everyone knows that you take very long to get ready for the party? Do you always get into the fight with your partner when you make him wait for hours as you are decking up in the dressing and are often off to the party with an argument on why you always take so much time to get ready? Of course the answer to that one would be that you want to look stunning for any party be it New Year's or anniversary or even a house party with friends.
Men always complain on women wasting so much of time getting ready. Research claims the average woman spends 50 minutes getting ready for big night out which could be luxury for most of us. Follow the 20 minute plan and be on time and still look gorgeous.

1. First 2 Minutes: Give skin a quick cleanse and a little moisturizer. Cleansing wipes are ideal for getting rid of the grime. For smoother application, mix a little of your moisturizer with your normal foundation.

2. Next 2 Minutes: Loosely take the top section of your hair and backcomb it to give it height. Then gather your hair into a low ponytail and twist into a bun. Spray with hairspray to keep hair in place all night.

3. Next 2 Minutes: Use Bronzer. The three magic places for bronzer are forehead, nose and chin as the areas that normally catch the sun. And a light dusting of bronzing powder with a big brush can also combat winter paleness

4. Other 2 Minutes: Apply light shadow across the eye lids and the lower lash line. This creates a lightening effect and makes eyes appear larger.

5. Other 2 Minutes: Gloss is much easier to apply in a hurry than a lipstick. It's best to use lighter colors when applying in a rush, as darker shades need a steadier hand and more attention to make them look flawless.

6. Utilize 2 Minutes: Eyelash curls open up the eye. For extra dazzle combine with double ended mascara brushes, which contain a white base coat at one end to thicken lashes, then apply a lengthening black coat on top. And if you apply your mascara first it will act as a setting agent for the curler giving you perfect lashes all night long.

7. Other 2 Minutes: Wear your heels to the party but keep a pair of flats in your handbag so that you can wear them back home and feel comfortable.

8. Take 2 Minutes to wear the right support underwear to ensure your designer dress compliments your figure.

9. Use 2 Minutes to stick-on false nails for instant glamour.

10. Utilize other 2 Minutes: Apply a quick slick of clear gloss or Vaseline for any last-minute tidying. Try a little on unruly eyebrows, glossed lips, etc.

Total 20 Minutes for your make up. I hope this information will be feeling glare to your beauty. try it!

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