Friday, January 30, 2009

The power of thinking

We gain success by inwardly knowing and feeling that we can achieve. We gain success by following the inspiration of strength of mind, willpower, call it what you may; it is self-discipline that is so desirable and deeper than the fathomless depths of living. We can achieve, because we think or truly believe we can. For example, when we doubt our powers, we fail to use them. Let's learn a lesson from Henry Ford's infamous quote, 'those who think they can and those who think they cannot, they are both right.' The power rests in us.

Keep in mind that a lower self-confidence leads to less action in applying oneself, contrary to that of high self-confidence leads to actively applying all you possess in talents, powers, gifts, facilities and resources in whatever task you have at hand.

Why do some individuals naturally feel they can? To find the answer to this, we must learn why they are confident. Then we may gain the same confidence and consequently it should follow that when we learn from them, we should be able to emulate their success.

All great individuals possess unique qualities as to why they are successful. It is the possession of these qualities which aids their success. The great news is that we can all acquire these qualities if we set our minds to.

Not all individuals who achieve great things have exceptional abilities; however, they do possess the power to turn all their abilities towards the most favorable clarification or enlightenment. All their powers move forward to reach the highest point into effective action. Their nature is not lost; rather everything is utilizes while working towards the greater goal.

To possess an exceptional ability, means great gain by providing power and applying all the ability required to succeed. You can and should develop your powers of ability. Not possessing an exceptional ability is no reason to avoid obtaining exceptional success. Moving the abilities you do possess to the front will help you realize a marked success immediately. This something causes all your abilities to move to the front, thereby gaining exceptional success, right now. You can gain that something and begin your successful life now.

You awaken you mind power when you think you can. When you think you can because you have conscious power that you can, you feel within the existence of your powers. With the feeling that you have the power to do as you wish, you no longer doubt, nor can you fail while proceeding to use your power.

How do you get this power and what makes the distinct positive impression of possessing such power? If you feel you cannot, it is hard to think you can, it is by thinking you can succeed that causes you to succeed. Not being able to feel the power within yourself that you can, will cause doubt, when you doubt you can, you suppress the ability and power that can. You gain success by replacing doubt with faith. Faith is the antidote to worry. In other words, you must actually feel, as you possess all the necessary power to undertake the task. You must know that you have the power, when you know it; you know it without a doubt. You know you can. You become aware of the necessary positive power within, as successful determination finds no peace, rest or happiness until you apply your power to the highest level.

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