Saturday, February 20, 2016

Latest study on mobile data

New study shows 30% of your mobile data is wasted in the background

Did you know that apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Gmail drain your mobile data plans while working in the background? In a recent study based on app usage with Opera Max, we saw that over 30% of all data is used by apps running in the background.

Background data is any data being used by your app when you’re not actively using it or when the phone screen is off.

It includes things like your news app that’s constantly updating content and fetching ads, soaking up your data, even though you’ve not asked it to. This is especially risky when you’re on the move and using expensive mobile data.

We wish we could tell you that we read Joanna Stern’s Wall Street Journal article, Stretch your Wireless data plan instead of paying more, two weeks ago and built the dream data-management experience she envisions in her article just in 2 weeks.


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