Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Ramayana is happening in your own body.

Q: Please tell us something about Ramayana?

Sadhguru: It is said that the Ramayana is happening in your own body. Your soul is Rama, your mind is Sita, your breath or life-force is Hanuman, your awareness is Laxmana and your ego is Ravana. When Sita (mind) was stolen by Ravana (Ego) then Rama (soul) got restless. Now the soul (Rama) cannot reach the mind (Sita) on its own, it has to take the help of the breath (Hanuman) - the prana. With the help of the prana ( Hanuman)  the mind (Sita) got reunited with the soul ( Rama) , and the ego (Ravana) vanished. This is the spiritual significance of the story.

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